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Our dialysis clinic is a top-notch specialist center set up to cater to outpatients on a 24-hour system to deliver exceptional services every day.

Our dialysis room is managed by qualified doctors, nurses, and high level technicians to provide up-to-date medical services at a top level round the clock for all our patients. Dialysis services are available for everyone, we are not restricted to race, tribe, or religion. We attend to both the infected and the non-infected with utmost care.

That is why we boast to be the best dialysis center in Imo State, Nigeria. We offer treatments that help people with renal failure rid their bodies of harmful toxins by removing waste products from the blood

We Are Competent In What We Do At Lifeway Diagnostics

Patients who receive dialysis treatment must undergo periodic dialysis treatments to maintain their health. We are competent in what we do at lifeway diagnostics, and we relate our practices in the best possible way to how well our patients feel after going through our treatments.

¬†We have a vital dialysis technician team that plays a critical role in the care of patients who are receiving dialysis treatment. The technician team also ensures that patients receive the necessary dialysis treatments, monitor accurate patients’ vital signs, and administers dialysis treatments.

Why We Are The Best

We perform concrete research in making sure 100% accuracy is gotten before administering treatment to our patients. We also educate patients and their families about dialysis treatments and what to expect after treatment.

This has gone a long way in growing the trust patients have in us as a diagnostics clinic and also improving our reputation in the country and the world at large. Technology utilisation also helps us to perform most of our duties at Lifeway Diagnostics. Think dialysis, think Lifeway diagnostics.

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At LIFEWAY Medical Diagnostics, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and support in their journey toward a healthy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience our exceptional radiology services.

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