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It is important to keep the endocrine system in balance because it is very vital to your health. Your endocrine system is made up of many glands that work together in your body to release hormones. These hormones are chemicals that affect how different organs in your body work.

The release of one hormone in the body can affect other hormones in the body. Our team works effortlessly to make sure that your endocrine system is always balanced so that your body can be strong and healthy.

At Lifeway diagnostics, we believe in perfection and treating the whole aspect of the human body till you are whole. We do this by understanding your needs, history, and the type of lifestyle you live. We have a solid team of experts to make sure that your care and needs are top of our priorities. That is why we are the best endocrine clinic in Imo State.


At Lifeway diagnostics, our endocrinologists offer full work-up on diagnostics treatment of various forms of endocrine disorders and diseases. We have various plans tailored to your needs. Here are some of what we diagnose/treat:

  • Diabetes (blood sugar testing, insulin pump management, etc)
  • Weight loss/management
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Adrenal diseases
  • Pituitary diseases
  • Bone disease/osteoporosis
  • Male hormone disorder
  • Female hormone disorder

Why We Are The Best

We are the best at what we do and we maintain a positive relationship with every patient for regular check-up programs to monitor your body growth processes. With the best services in Imo State, we are indeed your top choice when it comes to your well-being. We offer unique services next to none, and we remain your top choice for endocrine and general body management clinics.

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At LIFEWAY Medical Diagnostics, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and support in their journey toward a healthy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience our exceptional radiology services.

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